The Business Idea

RESSLER KUNST AUKTIONEN GMBH is specialised in high-value contemporary and modern art, mainly of Austrian provenance. The central criterion differentiating the auction house from its competitors is a stricter orientation towards quality when selecting the works of art to offer. The auction house aspires to market leadership in the high-price segment of Austrian art after 1945.

Products and Services

Two auctions per year are conducted in Vienna, one around February and one around  September. Additional auctions will be held when the auction house acquires entire collections. Apart from auctions, free appraisals and free advice on building collections will be offered, along with advances on expected auction proceeds at interest rates in line with the market.

Compared to those of our competitors, the auction house’s conditions are somewhat advantageous to the buyer (buyer’s premium of 27%). On the sellers‘ side, the seller’s provision is significantly below the competitors‘ rates.

For sellers, the new auction house offers the advantage that the objects of art consigned to auction are likely to realise an especially high price, due to the auction house’s rigorous orientation towards quality. For buyers, the new auction house offers the advantage of choosing from a high-class selection of artworks, thus ensuring a higher prestige for the purchased object of art. RESSLER KUNST AUKTIONEN is to become a byword for quality.

Furthermore, the auction house sees itself as a very personal partner for collectors and art lovers, standing for expert competency and international customer relations.


RESSLER KUNST AUKTIONEN GMBH conducts its auctions on the premises of Galerie OstLicht in 1100 Vienna, at Absberggasse 27.

The space, designed by architect Gregor Eichinger with special attention to the historical substance of the industrial architecture and comprising about 600 square metres, also serves as an exhibition space for the objects of art. The infrastructure of the gallery OstLicht, which offers a “bar” and an open library, invites conversation and consultation.

The former Anker Bread Factory has become a centre of art and culture in recent years. In addition to the OstLicht Photography Gallery, the location houses the gallery Hilger Next, the Brotkunsthalle, Anzenberger Gallery, Loft 8 Artspace, Atelier 10, the showroom 11/nullnull, the vintage furniture store Lichterloh, the artspace Sellemond and the studio “Vor Anker”. Furthermore, several collectors and artists have set up depots here, and further art-dealing companies are planning to move here.